Gatwick Parking

In addition to parking for our guests whilst they stay with us we also offer parking (both short and long term) whilst your on holiday even if you are not staying with us.

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Why not make the most of your holiday and avoid the mad rush to the airport, come to us the day before, park your car on our drive or in our secure compound, have a lovely meal at one of the lovely local restaurants, have a quiet night, get up have breakfast and we’ll call you a taxi to get you to the airport which is only 5 minutes away.

Ample Parking

Your car stays with us, we don’t park them elsewhere they stay on our grounds at all times and when you get back your car will be there ready here for the journey home.

Secure Parking

We are members of the “Park on my Drive” Scheme, are situated with 10 minutes of Gatwick and have full CCTV coverage of the house, drive and our secure compound and your car never leaves the premises.

We are not a valet parking operator, we won’t park you car in a muddy field or by the side of a road while your away, you bring your car here and thats where it stays safe until your return.

Don’t get stung like these people did !

Park Here
Park Here
not here !!!
not here !!!

We offer competitive rates for parking, the piece of mind of the personal touch and knowing exactly where your vehicle is whilst your away.


June Champion on 01342 843643 for more details